Our Tutors

We may come from diverse backgrounds, but we carry the same heart - we are committed to giving our best in what we love and enjoy - teaching.

Principal Tutor, Teacher Sarah (Ms Wong), English

Besides being an English tutor for 20 over years, Teacher Sarah has also enjoyed the invaluable opportunity to author 5 series of assessment books for EPH. She is an Honours degree holder.

“Every child deserves the priceless opportunity to learn and grow. How I guide my students is founded on the conviction that they can progress and excel under a tutor who truly cares. My part is to give my best to all my students, whose best interest is my utmost priority.”

Teacher Chuan Yi, General Paper

Teacher Chuan Yi is an NTU undergraduate pursuing a Bachelor in History. He has been a General Paper tutor for 3 years. Before he started teaching General Paper, he was Hwa Chong Institution’s debate coach for 4 years. Under his coaching, the teams won 10 championships. He is also anĀ op-ed writer whose essays have been published in The Guardian, and in local and regional media.

Teacher Chuan Yi believes that thinking critically and communicating effectively are two important skills that all students need to develop, not just to attain good grades for the General Paper subject, but also to excel in their future careers. With the right guidance, he believes that each and every student can reach his fullest potential.

“Clear thinking precedes clear writing; clear writing aids clear thinking.”