Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How many lessons are there in a month?
– The service rendered by My Mustard Seed for the standard monthly fee (dependent on the level of the student) consists of *4 scheduled lessons.


2) Besides the tuition fees, what else do I have to pay?
– You only have to pay the nett monthly tuition fee, which is inclusive of in-house resources, selected assessment and reference books, as well as practice papers.
There are NO administrative, registration or material charges.

A security deposit of a month’s fee is collected upon registration.


3) What is the purpose of the security deposit?

– The full amount of the security deposit is used to offset the last month of the lessons when a full month’s notice is given should you need to withdraw your child from the class.

A failure to do so leads to the forfeit of the full security deposit. 


4i) What if my child cannot come for lesson on a particular day? 

 ii) Is there any make-up lesson?
– A make-up lesson is offered only if there is a similar lesson available on the condition that the parent / student updates the tutor of his/her absence at least a day before the scheduled lesson.

We seek your understanding that in order for the student to maximise the benefits of learning, regular attendance is expected.


5) Is there any refund if we do not have a make-up lesson?
– Please note that there is strictly no refund in the monthly fee.
– In addition, for Teacher Luke’s lessons, if you inform him at least 24 hours in advance that you cannot make it for the lesson, you can either join a makeup lesson with another group (if available), or you will have a lesson credit which would be recorded and later applied to offset future months’ tuition fees.


6) What happens when :

i) there are 5 days in a month?
– For Teacher Sarah: No lesson will be conducted on one of the days – the date will be confirmed.
– For Teacher Luke: Lessons will proceed as per normal and your tuition fees for that month will be adjusted accordingly based on 5 lessons instead of 4.

ii) the scheduled lesson is on a public holiday?
– The tutors will arrange for the change, if there is any.


7) Are there any special holiday programmes during June or/and December
– It depends on the needs of the students for that year.

The tutors in My Mustard Seed plan their lessons with the sole purpose of benefitting the students at any point in time.

There might be holiday workshops specially tailored to address the different and changing needs of each student in each semester. Otherwise, we will proceed with the standard classes.

However, during the year-end holidays, there are compulsory Preparatory classes for SecOne-to-be students, P3- and P5-to-be students so that they are adequately prepared for the distinct difference in standard for the next year.


8) What is the class size?

  • For Math and Science, the number of students in each group range from 2 to 5 or 6.

A small group size is necessary for individual learning.

  • For *English, the number of students for
  • Primary 1 & 2 : 2 to a maximum of 3
  • Primary 3 & 4 : 3 to a maximum of 4
  • Primary 5 & 6 : 8 to a maximum of 10
  • Secondary : 8 to a maximum of 11
  • Compo – writing : 8 to a maximum of 12

*Younger children require a lot of attention to build their foundation.

As the child grows older, a bigger group size is necessary to facilitate interaction and exchange of ideas during brainstorming sessions and discussion. There are also assistant tutor(s) in class to ensure that every child receives the necessary attention for his/her learning.

The table below summarises the different class sizes at a glance:



9) Is there any difference in the fee structure when my child signs up for more than one subject?
– A fee adjustment will be applied when the child is enrolled for both Math and Science.
– A fee adjustment is also applied when the child is enrolled for both English and Compo-Writing.


10) Is there a diagnostic test that my child has to take before enrolment
– There is no diagnostic test as all children deserve the opportunity to improve. However, we will assess the child’s suitability as he/she integrates into the class.

Should the group tuition be unsuitable for your child, we will advise you based on what best benefits him/her.


11) What is the progress that I can expect for my child when he/she joins the centre?
– Our tutors will definitely do their best to help your child. Children who put in the necessary effort will see a marked progress.


12) How are the lessons conducted?
– Please call us at 6502 2960 to learn about our teaching pedagogy.

Teacher Luke and Teacher Sarah are more than happy to answer your questions 🙂


13) Does the English tuition class cover every component of the examination?
– For the details, please speak to Teacher Sarah personally.


14) How soon can my child commence the lessons?
– Please call the centre for the most up-to-date availability.


15) How much is the tuition fee?
– Please call the centre for a no-obligation enquiry. Our monthly fee is reasonable as our main focus is to provide quality guidance for the children who come to us 🙂

If there are other questions not addressed on this website, please feel free to contact us at 6502 2960 or make an appointment to visit us at
My Mustard Seed Tuition Centre personally to find out more 🙂