Recommended Learning Resources

Resource Type Target Audience Description Download / Link
1 Pomodoro Technique Time Management Suitable for all Students Based on Francesco Cirillo’s advice to alternate intensive mental tasks (25 min) with short breaks (5 min) to achieve the most effective results. You can try this out by downloading timer apps on your smartphone (search keyword “Pomodoro”) and see how you can get more done in less time.

2 Learning How to Learn Online Course Sec 3 and above A free online course offered by Ms Barbara Oakley and Dr Terry Sejnowski from the University of California, San Diego. These experts in learning share an assortment of mental tools to help you master difficult subjects.

3 Recycling – The Story of the Aluminium Can Youtube Video Sec 1 and above Do you know what happens to your empty can of soft drink when you recycle it?

4 Recycling – Turning bottles into clothing Youtube Video Sec 1 and above Please remember to recycle your empty plastic bottles and save our dear Planet Earth!

5 The Power of 10 Youtube Video Suitable for All Want to experience the sense of scale zooming in and out of our universe? Watch this short but fascinating clip.