Math and Science Students

Lexann/Laureen Gan
We engaged Teacher Wei Xiang in 2010, when our daughter, Lexann Tan, was doing her PSLE. Wei Xiang was absolutely fantastic for our daughter – she improved in her grades immensely and even her school Mathematics’ Teacher asked who the tutor was!

Lexann was performing worse than borderline before we were introduced to Wei Xiang. Barely 3 months with Wei Xiang’s help, Lexann scored a Grade B for her Mathematics in her PSLE. Lexann wished had tuition early as Wei Xiang had helped her really enjoy and understand the subject, so much so that she actually looked forward to any Mathematics challenges. She has been appointed and a leader to assist schoolmates who were weak in their Mathematics!

We are grateful to have Wei Xiang through those years. He coached Lexann till her O-levels. Wei Xiang would be the tutor whom I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for someone to help in the child’s Mathematics. Wei Xiang has his special way of solving Mathematical problem sums and he imparts that to his students.


Parents of Tan Jia Ju and Tan Yuan Pei
老师您好:谢谢您对我俩个孩子用心、尽责的教导,让他们兄妹俩获得这么好的成绩,所谓:“名师一点通” 谢谢、感恩。
Hi Teacher Wei Xiang: Thank you for being so dedicated and responsible to guide my children such that they get very good results. As the saying goes, “A good teacher can guide the child effectively by making things simple”.