Our Tutors

Principal Tutor

Teacher Sarah (Ms Wong)

Besides being an English tutor for 20 years, she has also enjoyed the invaluable opportunity to author 5 series of assessment books for EPH. She is an Honours degree holder.

“Every child deserves the priceless opportunity to learn and grow. How I guide my students is founded on the conviction that they can progress and excel under a tutor who truly cares. My part is to give my best to all my students, whose best interest is my utmost priority.”


Associate Tutor
Mathematics & Science

Teacher Luke

Luke graduated with double degrees from Brown University, USA. He has experience working in a government statutory board for 7 years before joining the education sector as a polytechnic lecturer for over 8 years.

“As a student, I had been blessed by caring teachers who showed me the importance of a strong foundation and understanding when learning math and science. With this in mind, I guide students using a systematic approach to problem-solving to facilitate richer understanding through anecdotes and analogies.”


Friend of My Mustard Seed
Mathematics & Science

Teacher Cindy

Teacher Cindy (Mrs Chew) is a close friend of Sarah and we highly recommend you check out her website (http://www.hannahtuition.com) below especially if you are living in the northern part of Singapore. She is a veteran in Math and Science tuition, and above all, we all share similar values and belief when it comes to teaching and coaching.

Mrs Cindy Chew (Hannah Tuition)

We may come from diverse backgrounds, but we carry the same heart – we are committed to giving our best in what we love and enjoy – teaching.