Teacher Sarah’s Thoughts

My experiences and lessons learnt, thoughts on the true essence of education and what we, the significant adults, to any precious child and youth, can do.


Nurturing the child and cultivating the love for learning
Meeting the students at their level of needs first.

Acknowledging their efforts rather than the result
will surely lead to improvement.

Learners need to be
processors, not sponges.

Proverb 14:23
In hard work, there is always something gained.

At the core,

Love the child first (root) and the fruits (right attitude, genuine interest, diligence & results) will be borne.

These thoughts are just a sample of what I’ve gleaned from my mentor through the years. I’ve yet to expound on them for the readers to have a full comprehension. Nonetheless, I hope that all of you can have a glimpse that these are the few key points that encourage whosoever have a thirst to learn 🙂