“Classes with Mr Liau always bring fresh insights that have never crossed my mind during my self-study or even during GP lessons in school.” ~ Jiwon

Our track record

  • 90% of our students score As and Bs every year

  • Average improvement of three grades (i.e. D to A)

  • We produce top scorers at the top one percentile every year

Our classes

  • $260 — $280 per month (depending on level)

  • 4-10 students per class for maximum attention

  • All lessons personally conducted by principal GP tutor, Mr Liau

  • All essays personally marked by Mr Liau

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Timetable and Fees

“Mr Liau is very knowledgeable about GP topics and current affairs. He provided me with plenty of resources that helped me keep up with what’s going on around the world as well as good examples that I could use in my essays.” ~ Zong De

Why our students prefer online classes

  • More alert and less exhausted from travelling

  • No mask to muffle speech

  • Instant marking and feedback provided online

  • Able to ask questions directly via text messaging

  • Unique learning experience with Mr Liau

About the tutor

  • Former journalist and op-ed writer

  • Wrote internationally for publications like The Guardian

  • Former debate coach for Hwa Chong (teams won ten championships)

  • NTU History (Honours) graduate

  • Hwa Chong Institution alumni

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Timetable and Fees

“Mr Liau’s teaching style is effective. He focuses on the student’s weaknesses and provides precise solutions to tackle them. I was able to learn the various writing skills and adapt them into my own writing. He has helped me improve my overall results for GP. Also, he keeps the lesson engaging and interesting with his insights on the latest global events.” ~ Crystal

Top four questions

Absolutely. Although GP is a H1 subject, it is often used by admissions officers as an indicator of a student’s ability to cope with academic rigour and engage in interdisciplinary thinking—two of the most important requirements for success in higher education. Priority is always given to students who do well in GP.

It is not easy to score an A. Only around 20% of students in Singapore do so every year. Students who are unable to perform consistently should not be surprised if they fail to score an A for the A Level examination.

General Paper is, by far, the most important subject for any JC student. Our lessons equip students with the ability to understand our world and navigate it intelligently. We train students to develop the thinking skills required in higher education and in their future careers.

Over the years, we have seen our students win top scholarships, enter top universities, and excel in fields like law and medicine.

While our GP lessons do give our students a competitive edge, not every student will require tuition. For those who do, there are three main advantages. First, students will be exposed to a wealth of knowledge through our lessons. It is not possible to acquire the same knowledge independently. Second, students will receive professional guidance and feedback from a former journalist and international op-ed writer. This is a rare opportunity. Finally, students will receive one-to-one support to ensure that they are able to perform consistently and score well for the A Level examination.

We have one simple mission—provide students with a premium education at affordable prices. In line with this mission, we make our students’ effective learning our top priority. This means:

  • Keeping class sizes small to ensure that students benefit from maximum interaction
  • Marking all written assignments and providing detailed feedback
  • Engaging students constantly to track their progress and clarify doubts
  • Providing detailed notes that students can utilise for revision
  • Remaining open to feedback from students and parents

We are glad to say that our students have matched our commitment and done exceedingly well thus far with an average improvement of three grades (i.e. D to A) and with 90% of our students scoring A’s and B’s.