Heart of My Mustard Seed

"The mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds on earth. However, when planted, it comes up and becomes taller than all the garden plants. It grows such large branches that birds can nest in its shade."
What we believe in

The potential of every student, who is a unique individual.

The child as the smallest seed

A child may come in as the smallest seed, but he/she deserves the priceless opportunity to learn and grow.

The potential as the smallest seed

In the child’s hands may be the smallest seed, but with the effort he/she is willing to put in to nurture it, he/she can succeed.

My Mustard Seed is founded on the heart of providing an environment likened to a garden – the sanctuary where your child, a precious young life, can learn and grow, safe from competition and comparison with others. It is our privilege to witness, and be a part of your child’s growing process.

What we give here is our best for each and every child.