Your Child CAN Improve in English
with the Right Help!

You’ve done all you can to help your child improve.
His results are still the same and you can’t help but feel that all the time, money and effort are for nothing.

For over twenty years, Teacher Sarah has guided countless children under her wings. She has learnt that a child will choose to put in the efforts, want to do well and subsequently, progress, when the educator understands his/her temperament and learning style.

Every child is different. Each child has to be handled differently. It’s not merely about attending tuition classes. It’s not about rigorous drilling and doing lots of assessment books, worksheets and school papers.

It is more than that.

It’s about knowing exactly where the child is at and then using the learning resources effectively.

Having encountered so many students, along with the spectrum of challenges, listed below are a few common ones.

Challenge 1 – Your child struggles in Composition-writing.

“My child doesn’t know what to write.”

“My child’s idea jumps from one to another.”

“My child has the idea but he/she doesn’t know how to express.”

“The composition is not interesting enough. My child doesn’t know how to elaborate.”

“The story is irrelevant.”

“My child makes (too) many grammatical mistakes in the composition.”

And the list goes on.

What makes a good composition?


Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar Hardly any mistakes
Vocabulary Varied and appropriate usage, including figures of speech
Sentence Structure Varied and fluent


Story Development Clear and thorough
Relevance Good ideas with additional information
Interesting Highly

As seen, to do well in Compo-writing is not a simple task.

In the language aspect, My Mustard Seed’s lessons are planned to equip your child with the required skills. The in-house resources are specially prepared with exercises for your child to master the language proficiency, from grammar basics to vocabulary-building and sentence variation.

This is half the battle won.

Contents-wise, your child will be taught to write unusual stories that are logically-developed
with :
• attention-grabbing introductions
• fully-developed body paragraphs
• relevant and interesting conclusions

SHOW NOT TELL techniques are broken into digestible components that are easy to understand and apply. Hence, your child can write the necessary details and create his/her own creative expressions (instead of memorising those from guide books).

Challenge 2 – Your child is not scoring for Paper 2.

“My child is weak at grammar.”

“My child’s vocabulary is very poor.”

“My child cannot do well in Comprehension.”

“My child has lost many marks due to careless mistakes!”

Our response?
These problems can be overcome!


Grammar is the foundation in order for any student to do well. Hence, it is important that your child understands the various grammar rules and exceptions. In My Mustard Seed, grammar rules are clearly explained and reinforced by drilling — an age-old, time-tested method.


While reading widely does help to expose your child to a wider range of vocabulary, what if your child refuses to read, no matter what you say or do?

Whether we like it or not, making an effort to look up the meaning in a dictionary is still the timeless solution. Will your child do that? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” The students at My Mustard Seed are trained to be independent. You’d be surprised at the power of influence and routine. “Teacher Sarah, may I use the dictionary?” This is the delightful question posed by students as young as those in Primary 3.

Being a student, your child is exposed to unfamiliar words all the time. In fact, so do you and I. Hence, what is most important is his/her willingness to find out what the word means and build his/her Vocabulary bank over time.


Some students are daunted by the passages ; some read without paying attention to the contents ; some earnest students try the questions but they just can’t get them right. As for some students, they lose marks due to spelling and tense errors.

Regardless of the issue, your child will be equipped with a step-by-step approach to tackle this section, from having a clear understanding of what each question is asking to obtaining the relevant information and answering the questions accurately.

Challenge 3 – Your child is not a motivated or earnest student.

“My child is lazy.”

“My child does not like to study.”

“My child doesn’t read.”

“My child doesn’t want to do homework.”

“My child only wants to play.”

All these behaviours stem from the root of “attitude”. “Train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it.” Proverb 22 : 6.

A positive attitude can be instilled by coaching. Your child will be nurtured under Teacher Sarah’s tutelage. First thing that needs to be done though : Let us stop giving your child the identity — “lazy” 🙂

The most straightforward method is fun learning experiences. Group work and goals pitched at the individual child’s standard are some of the ways to enliven the lessons. When your child is clear about the achievable learning objectives, he/she is more likely to be motivated to work for it.

Because we believe that premium education need not come with a premium rate, we provide affordable solutions.

We also believe that every student deserves individualised help. Therefore, we only have a maximum of 8 students per class.

So, if you agree that we can empower you to conquer English, contact us now.

  • Call 9100 8878 to speak with our English Specialist, Ms Sarah.
  • SMS/Whatsapp 9100 8878 with your enquiry and Ms Sarah will respond to you within 24 hours.
  • Alternatively, you may fill up the form for a free consultation.

Address: Block 201B Tampines Street 21 #02-1069 (back entrance) S(522201)

5-min walk from Tampines East MRT Station (Downtown Line)

“How long does it take for me to see a marked improvement?”
“How much progress can I expect to see?”

It depends on your child’s foundation. It depends on how “teachable” your child is.

We cannot promise you an overnight miracle or boast a magic formula of “See astounding results in 3 months!”

A weak foundation means that a lot has to be imparted. And that takes time, depending on each child’s learning aptitude and attitude. However, there will be progressive improvement — step by step.

A “teachable” child is willing to pay attention during lessons. He will also apply whatever is taught dutifully and purposefully. This child should see a significant progress within a semester.

For a teachable child who only needs to grasp the techniques and master the skills, he/she will definitely see a marked improvement within a semester.

However, a child who needs to foster a teachable attitude requires more time as we need to “plough the soil of his heart”. Together with you, we will persevere for the positive change in your child’s attitude. So long he/she is willing to sow the seeds of effort, surely, there will be progress. (“In hard work there is always something gained.” Proverb 14:23)

What Our Students Say About Us

“Thinking back, my journey with Ms Wong has been quite a long one – all the way from 10 years old. I have been together with Miss Wong for almost as long as 7 years! But I must say, this journey of mine has been nothing but a fulfilling one and that I am proud to say that I regret nothing of it!:)

What sets Miss Wong apart from many other tuition teachers whom I’ve seen is definitely her ability to control and discipline the class whenever she needs to. Unlike other classes where the students would continue to chit-chat even after the teacher has scolded them, Ms Wong would allow none of that to happen during her lesson. By using her strict and stern tone, followed by her correction which may sometimes be incorporated with life lessons, those students who have made a mistake will understand the severity of their mistake and never to make the same mistake again. As her student who had experienced the full discipline, I must say that this is definitely one of Miss Wong’s wonderful and unique trait as a teacher!

Not only that, although what I’ve shared seems to be a harsh approach, Ms Wong is actually a very caring and gentle teacher. You can tell from her actions and words that she genuinely wants you to learn and have an enjoyable time in her class. For example, whenever we were feeling tired or exhausted from doing the English exercises, she would deliberately go out of her way to give us sweets and chocolates to keep us from falling asleep! Through this is such a small gesture, I can tell that not only does she wants to give us the best, she would also go the extra mile to help us out, giving us the motivation to study even harder!

I used to be overly-meticulous about everything. Ms Wong has also helped me a lot. For example, there was a time when I was constantly fretting about how I wanted my essays to be perfect without having to check for grammatical errors but at the same time without having to spend too much time. However, I knew that it would be very difficult to achieve that. It was right during this time when I approached Ms Wong and she gave me the needed solution to my problem. She said that to write an essay free from grammatical errors, it would take practice and practice but if I were to just fill in all the points first in my essay and then check for grammatical errors only when I finish writing, I would save a lot more time. And so I did and voila! I could see the difference in my essay writing! From getting an 18/30 for my essays, I was slowly improving and getting 22/30 or even more! Truly, I am very grateful to Ms Wong and once again I must say “Thank you, Ms Wong!”!

All in all, Ms Wong is like a needle in a haystack and she is a teacher who is very hard to come across nowadays. From her strictness to her gentleness and then to her guidance, everything about her is what makes her a wonderful person and an even more spectacular teacher!”


“When I first joined Ms Wong’s class, I was afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things, afraid of failure, afraid of making mistakes.

I’ve always stayed on the safe path, the path without any risks and I was contented with that. But under the care and guidance of Ms Wong, I’ve learnt to be more confident in myself. Ms Wong is very passionate about teaching, always willing to stay back for her students to ask questions. Her classes are always enjoyable and effective, and I found myself improving under her teaching and guidance. She inspires me to do my very best, and that it is okay to make mistakes because they help us to grow and become a better person. She is my role model, and I am very grateful for all her teachings throughout the 5 years I’ve been with her. To say that I am blessed to have her as my tutor is an understatement.”


“Ms Wong has been teaching me ever since I was in Secondary 1. Personally, she is like a friend and teacher. When I have difficulty in my studies, she would approach me, hold my hand and pray for me, knowing that everything will go well.

I have never seen such caring and understanding teacher. Miss Wong is the first one. Also, Ms Wong has been using different methods for us to learn and improve our English. On top of this, Miss Wong would prepare materials and plan lessons ahead before conducting the class. She always has a clear vision of what she is going to do in class and how these can benefit us in learning. After every assignment given to us, she would identify our mistakes and guide us individually. She makes sure that we understand our mistakes and advises on how we can improve to prevent such mistakes. In every lesson, Ms Wong does her very best to make sure that we understand the lesson and is more then willing to help out students if they have any questions. We will do different components each lesson – sometimes we do newspaper exercises, comprehension, essay-writing, editing, summary and even grammar exercises to build up our foundation. Under Ms Wong’s guidance, I have learnt many things that I have not known before. I believe Ms Wong is able to fulfil her goals in life and succeed as an educator who can influence others.

Faith as small as mustard seed, can move mountains – Matthew 17.20″


“Since I joined My Mustard Seed, my perspective of tuition has changed. Tuition was always mundane and boring, but in Mustard Seed it was always fun and engaging. This is because Ms Wong always used different ways to make lessons more interesting such as showing us videos and using iPads and Smart TV for interactive learning.

Ms Wong genuinely cares for her students and constantly imparts, not only knowledge, but also core values. Moreover, Ms Wong carefully plans her lessons and workshops with respect to the needs of her students so that everyone can maximise their learning. I really enjoy the time spent with Ms Wong as I treat Ms Wong not only as my tutor but also my friend Thank you so much Ms Wong!!”


“Ms Wong turned my doubt and fear into hope and potential. English has always been a subject which pulled me down, but through my two years of experience in her class, I have learnt not just English, but much more.

Her effective teaching of understanding instead of memorising retains important information in my mind. I dare say, with confidence, that Ms Wong has played a pivotal role in my tremendous transformation from a C6 to an A2 last year. During class, she often gives deep insights on a variety of issues, many of which I find enlightening. The positive vibe she radiates creates a comfortable and friendly learning environment, and I find her to be one of the most influential and inspiring figures in my life.”


“My Mustard Seed is the place where you can find joy in learning. Ms Wong’s (more like friend than a teacher) lessons are interactive and peppered with humour, leaving in us a deep impression. Yet, we can understand what is taught.

Mustard Seed has the most optimal atmosphere for learning. We are taught to do the right thing at the right time. Moreover, lessons conducted are objective-driven. For instance, language workshops are organised during the holidays for us to experience the joy of learning English through creative activities; intense mugging sessions are for exam-preparation period, whereby there are “school papers buffet”, oral practices, and one-to-one consultation prepared to help the students get that A.

Overall, Mustard Seed is the place where I would never forget, for the friendship and knowledge I have gained here will last forever.”

Ya Ting

It was such a joyful and memorable experience learning under Ms Wong! Ms Wong has always been patient and sincere in teaching us English. She always provided excellent and up-to-date materials for our class.

“Because of that, I had a lot more practice in doing English papers and essays which helped me a lot in exams! Her lessons are engaging and well planned out, which helped us to accomplish many learning objectives in each lesson.
I feel truly cared for by Ms Wong. She constantly gives us individual feedback on our work and guides us to improve on it. Sometimes when we were tired, she would give us treats to boost our energy! She always encouraged us to do our best and never give up.

With Ms Wong’s help, my grades have improved greatly from just a borderline pass to a B3 in O levels!!
Her kindness and passion in teaching English have truly provided us with a joyous and loving environment where we are motivated to learn and pursue excellence in English. Thank you Ms Wong for your kindness and sincerity in teaching us!”


Moving Forward

At My Mustard Seed, we believe that premium education that need not come at a premium price. Our affordable monthly rate is a nett amount that includes all necessary resources. We will not charge you for anything else.

Why aren’t we commercialised?

The reason being — We honour your parent-heart of love.

We understand your earnest intention. We know your challenges. We are well aware that you are pouring in your hard-earned money into your child’s education. That’s why we do our best to teach and nurture your child too.

If you want to find out more about how we can help your child to excel in English:

  • Please Call Us at 9100 8878.
  • SMS/Whatsapp 9100 8878 with your enquiry and Ms Sarah will respond to you within 24 hours.
  • Alternatively, please fill up the form and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

Address: Block 201B Tampines Street 21 #02-1069 (back entrance) S(522201)

5-min walk from Tampines East MRT Station (Downtown Line)

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(5 Mins Walk from Tampines East MRT)

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Our English Tuition Classes & Timetable


Level Duration Group Size
P1 & P2 1 h 30 mins 2 – 4
P3 & P4 1 h 30 mins 4 – 8
P5 & P6 & Sec 1 2 hrs 8 – 12
Sec 2 – N / O Levels 2 hrs 8 – 14
Pri 3 – 4 Compo – Writing 1 h 30 mins 5 – 12
Pri 5 – 6 Compo – Writing 1 h 30 mins 10 – 14


Tuesday 2.30 – 3.30pm
3.30 – 5pm
Pri 2
5 – 7pm
P5 & P6
Wednesday 4 – 5.30pm
Individual (Taken)
5.30 – 7pm
Individual (Taken)
7 – 8.30pm
Individual (Taken)
Thursday 2.30 – 3.30pm
3.30 – 5pm 5 – 7pm
Pri 5 & 6
7 – 9pm
Individual (Taken)
Friday 3.30 – 5pm
Pri 3 & 4
5.15 – 6.45pm
(P3 & P4)
6.45 – 8.15pm
(P5 & P6)
8.15 – 9.45pm
Individual (Taken)
Saturday 11am – 1pm
Sec 1 & 2
1 – 3pm
Sec 2 & 3

3 – 5pm
Sec 3 & 4

5 – 7pm
Normal (Acad)