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The fightback against Facebook is getting stronger

Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg recently took the unusual step of visiting lawmakers in Washington, including President Donald Trump in the White House. The reason? Congress’s anti-trust sub-committee has started demanding documents from Facebook and other big tech firms.

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China’s Ambiguous Stance on Same-Sex Relationships

Although it is no longer illegal to commit homosexual acts in China, same-sex relationships remain unrecognised under Chinese law. In other words, people can continue to engage in homosexual relationships, but these relationships receive no recognition in law. They cannot enter into same-sex marriages.

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Buying College Admissions, Legally

The ultrarich secure places for their children in elite colleges by donating millions of dollars, not just to one or two colleges, but to several. This is part of a deliberate strategy to hedge the family’s bets by “diversifying their investments.”

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How “Fake News” is Used to Discredit the Media

Since the election of Donald Trump, Australian politicians have begun to discredit opponents by accusing them of propagating “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and “post-truth.”

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