GP Students

What our General Paper students say


I took lessons with Teacher Chuan Yi for General Paper. His sense of humour makes the lesson more engaging and I really appreciate how he compiles a list of articles under weekly, which encourages me to have the habit of reading and to keep abreast of what is happening around the world.

Before joining The Mustard Seed, I was scoring an ‘E-grade’ for General Paper. After weeks of discussion about current issues and brainstorming on essay plans, I’m glad to have improved to a ‘B-grade’ at the A-levels.

I am truly grateful for Teacher Chuan Yi’s conscientious effort to put together weekly Readabees (Set of compiled articles about current issues). Having it as an online version, made it convenient and this fueled my drive to start reading to find out more about what is happening around the world. This allowed me to draw examples I have read from these articles to my essays/application questions. I was also able to learn from the different writing styles of the authors to modify the tone or approach of my essays to suit the topic better.

All in all, I am really appreciative of the hard work Teacher Chuan Yi put in to make every lesson an engaging an fruitful one!



Mr Liau’s teaching style is effective. He focuses on the student’s weaknesses and provides precise solutions to tackle them. I was able to learn the various writing skills and adapt them into my own writing. He has helped me improve my overall results for GP. Also, he keeps the lesson engaging and interesting with his insights on the latest global events.

I no longer fear GP with Mr Liau’s help. He provides ample resources to widen the student’s perspectives on current affairs. He is readily contactable even after tuition timings if his student requires additional help on school work. He ensures that his students think critically and understand his explanations.

Mr Liau teaches GP with a style different from normal GP tutorials in school. He provides weekly Readabees containing articles on particular current affairs discussed in classes. This is beneficial for students who are unable to find spare time to search for resources!

During GP lessons, every student is given meticulous care and Mr Liau caters relevant solutions to specific problems each student faces for GP.

Mr Liau is dedicated to prepping his students with utmost general knowledge.  He intends for us to possess a greater understanding of the ongoing issues and opinions that we discuss and write.

Through such a method, we are able to write out our own personal take, add in comprehensive examples to substantiate our points. Take for instance, through Mr Liau’s notes, I am able to discuss many topics in essays extensively,  ranging from the environment to societal issues. My essay marks eventually improved over time through continuous practice and amendment as guided by Mr Liau.

I am grateful for his assistance throughout such a stressful period of JC life!


Classes with Mr Liau always bring fresh insights that have never crossed my mind during my self-study or even during GP lessons in school. He always challenges me to stretch myself and deeply explore conventional topics and issues that are usually only superficially discussed in school. The weekly materials he provides, called “Readabee”, are full of new ideas and content which prove to be very useful in brainstorming for essays.

Mr Liau’s strong foundation in the fundamentals of logic (such as arguments and premises) helps me to hone my reading and writing further. His strong sense of logic also helps in analysing passages, questions and complex issues clearly. His excellent language abilities have likewise enabled me to refine my writing to write more clearly and concisely.

He pushes my intellectual limit and inspires me to take an interest in the subject and in current events. With his help I am more confident of my GP exams in my A levels.


Yi Shan

At Mustard Seed, I am able to master English in a very welcoming and homely environment, with the help of Ms Wong and Teacher Chuan Yi, who put in their utmost effort for every lesson. Every lesson not only teaches me how to improve academically, but also allow me to become a better person.


Yu Han

Tuition at My Mustard Seed has always been enjoyable for me, with caring teachers and friends that made my learning experience here a very fulfilling one. The classroom experience has always been a relatively open one, where we hold discussions about various topics and are free to express any opinions we have. This has greatly broadened my perspectives about the world, giving me deeper insights on how the world functions and how one thing impacts the other. Through the various discussions and guidance provided, not only have I improved on my language skills, but also in my common sense, which have benefitted me greatly in General Paper.


Wei Joo

Teacher Chuan Yi: Definitely very easy to clarify doubts. Patient enough for a whole lot of questions. Provide lots of reading resources for us.



Despite having only attended a few lessons, I can already feel the caring atmosphere in this tuition centre. Lessons with Teacher Chuan Yi is always fun. I have learnt a lot and I am now interested in GP, which I felt was a boring subject before I joined.